Bachelor in Transportation Design – Car Design – a.y. 2010/11

Ferrari World Design Contest

IED Turin car design on the podium at Maranello



Maranello, July 19th, 2011 – “The prize is awarded to the project for its pure, elegant design, re-proposed with an eye on the future. Shapes reminiscent of some of the most fascinating Ferraris of the past”. This is the motivation that put the seal on the success of Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin in the final phase of the Ferrari World Design Contest.

After winning the first prize in the 2005 edition, IED Turin reclaims its place on the podium of Maranello carrying off the second prize in the 2011 Contest with Xezri designed by Samir SADIKHOV, graduate of the three-year post-diploma course in Transportation Design – car design a.y. ’10/11.

The prize was awarded to the winning car designer by CEO Ferrari Amedeo Felisa, Paolo Pininfarina and Flavio Manzoni, Head of the Ferrari Design Center and organizer of the contest, in the presence of the Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo.

The aim of the competition was to design a mould-breaking, futuristic Ferrari for the third millennium, defining a new benchmark for high-performance cars, brimming with new generation technologies and materials; a hypercar extreme not only in architecture but also in every other aspect. The students were asked to design the Ferrari of the future, a vehicle able to reconcile contrasting requirements, i.e. both hyper-light and hyper-fast, hyper-ecologic and hyper-performing, hyper-technological and hyper-intuitive. A car with compact dimensions, visibly light, with a dynamic, sleek profile and an aggressive but well-balanced look in line with Ferrari’s heritage and inspired by values tied to its F1 tradition.

XEZRI is a Ferrari inspired by the wind not only as regards styling but also as source of energy for the car, in accordance with the principles of flexible aeronautical design. The wing placed horizontally on the roof of the car lifts automatically when speed exceeds 200 Km/h and the air intake below allows the wind to enter and cool the engine.

Entrants included more than fifty design schools and universities from all over the world who forwarded more than 200 projects to the Maranello Design Centre. Echoing the words of President Montezemolo during the ceremony, the prize rewards IED Turin’s long tradition of training in design Made in Italy, a school of international scope that welcomes young talents from all over the world. The outstanding skill and professional expertise achieved by Samir Sadikhov, born in Azerbaijan, is the best expression of the high training profiles that IED Turin proposes to the world of work.

Participation in the Ferrari 2011 World Design Contest is the most recent confirmation of the excellence pursued by Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin through a training process based on an approach that combines knowing with knowing how, through continuous contact and confrontation with leading sector experts and professionals. Building on this effective synergy, IED Turin has developed a set of teaching projects in cooperation with leading international auto-makers and is now an internationally recognized high prestige school in the field of Transportation Design.

IED Turin also participated in the final phase of the competition and in the prize-giving ceremony at Maranello with two finalist projects: 540 Pegaso by Giuseppe Ceccio, Giacomo Pierin and Matteo Politano and Ethesian by Alessandro Nardolillo, all graduates of the three-year post-diploma course in Transportation Design – car design a.y. ’10/11.

The thesis project of the IED Turin three-year course in Transportation Design – Car Design, a.y. 2010/11, consisted in participation in the Ferrari World Design Contest launched by the marque of the Prancing Horse. IED Turin presented eleven proposals developed by the entire class from which Ferrari subsequently selected the three Xezri, 540 Pegaso and Ethesian projects admitted to the final phase.

At Apriti IED – Naturally Powerful 2011, the exhibition of ’10/11 thesis projects staged by IED in areas normally used as classrooms and labs, it will be possible to view the eleven projects presented to Ferrari. The exhibition will be open to the public until the end of September, entrance free, from Monday to Friday from 9.00 – 13.00 and 14.00 – 18.00. Closed between August 6th and 21st.

The first and third prize of the Ferrari 2011 World Design Contest were awarded respectively to the Eternità project presented by Hongik University (Seoul) and to the Ferrari Cavallo Bianco, entered by the Royal College of Arts of London.

Xezri, 540 Pegaso and Ethesian were constructed by: CECOMP

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