Master in Transportation Design – a.y. 2010/11

Cisitalia 202 E

The soul of the past. The energy of the future



CISITALIA 202 E (length 4270 mm – width 1850 mm – height 1240 mm – wheelbase 2650 mm) is a compact 2-seater sport coupé with 19” wheels, a compact V8 front-mounted engine and rear drive, designed to deliver a power of around 450 bhp. The concept faithfully reflects the design of the historic vehicle, with dimensions and power aligned with modern times. A very low centre of gravity and compact volumes make this an enthralling, exciting car to drive. The nose and rear recall the original grille and spare wheel cover through integration of various functions in the hood-trunk division lines and in the head/tail lights. The style proposed by IED car designers echoes the sleek, uncluttered look of the original icon, transforming a modern proposal into an authentic, refined interpretation of the past.

Call it Cisitalia 202 E, the name of a challenge: to redesign the sport coupé that marked a milestone in the history of Italian motoring. The spotlights are focussed on the 82nd Geneva International Motor Show and the Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin which, participating for the ninth time, showcases the 202 E, an enthralling style exercise based on the study of the glorious Cisitalia 202. With this project of the Master of Arts in Transportation Design – work experience a.y. ’10/11, IED Turin has redesigned the mythical dream-car, the Cisitalia 202, intended originally to be just a car but which has gradually become an icon of design Made in Italy and of the elegance of the period after the 2nd World War in Italy.

Acclaimed by Henry Ford II as ”the most beautiful Italian car I have ever seen”, the small Gran Turismo was commissioned in 1947 by Piero Dusio, founder of the Cisitalia brand. Designed by engineer Giovanni Savonuzzi, the car was styled by personages such as Battista “Pinin” Farina, Castagna and Vignale. Cisitalia was subsequently revived in Argentina by Alberto Díaz Lima and Carolina Dusio, daughter of the founder Piero, who focused her attention specifically on reproducing the famed Sport Coupé, now on show at the MoMa in New York as “sculpture in movement”.
The original 202 was powered by a small 1089 cc, 4-cylinder in line engine with a power output of 55 bhp at 5500 rpm and a speed of 165 km/h thanks to a weight of just 780 kg. As its name suggests, the 202 E – where E stands for evolution – was intended to be a modern reinterpretation based on Cisitalia first 1947 proposal. World-premiered at the Geneva Show, the lines and shape of the concept express typical refined, creative design “Made in Italy”, with an eye on the future of the brand.

The Cisitalia 202 E is the offshoot of the work of eleven students of the Master course coordinated by Luca Borgogno, Pininfarina Lead Designer and Luigi Giampaolo Maserati Designer. The Master of Arts in Transportation Design – work experience is a highly qualified, two-year course intended to train competent automotive professionals able to approach the world of work through a constant rapport between companies and style centres. The concept is, in fact, the outcome of a process comprising various phases of assessment that simulate a real working situation: starting from the eleven design proposals, all the models have been reproduced in clay in 1:4 scale, subsequently selecting that which complied most effectively with the initial brief of the company. The entire class, divided into groups, then worked on the project selected to complete all the internal and external details of the concept.

Cisitalia 202 E was conceived by: Chen CHIN-HSUAN (Taiwan), Shaaz ABBASI BIN SAEED (India), Yaroslav CHUMACHENKO (Ukraine), Yo KOBAYASHI (Japan), Vasily KURKOV (Russia), Andrea LEONCINI (Italy), Pasquale MELI (Italy), Soowan PARK (Korea), Yoon SEUL KI (Korea), Daniela SPINA (Italy) and Soohan YUN (Korea), studenti del Master in Transportation Design IED Torino a.a. 2010/11.
Other contributions to the project: Alessandro BELOSIO and Luca DAZZAN.

In collaboration with: Pirelli e OZ Racing
Special thanks: Cecomp

The Istituto Europeo di Design stand was created thanks to the collaboration of: Abet Laminati

In collaboration with


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