Master in Transportation Design – a.y. 2006/07


IED Turin presents Chicane, a sensational sports coupé



CHICANE was born out of the desire to find the stylistic features of an hypothetical product that proposes the Maserati DNA in a new configuration and has small volumes (length 4400 mm, width 1850 mm, height 1250 mm, axle base 2600mm)Thrilling at first sight: this was the primary aim the young designers set themselves as they worked, with passion and enthusiasm, on a seductive aesthetic, with strong impact, heightened by the plasticity of the volumes. Seen here in full scale, Chicane is a dynamic sculpture, whose harmonic and elegant design conceals power and a sporting attitude. The return to an in depth appraisal of surface materials is achieved by working on the refined purity of the lines, for a 2+2 coupé, with a front V8 engine and back wheel drive, designed for a very particular clientele who can’t relinquish the marriage between refined forms and high performance.

The Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin, that for the 5th consecutive year takes part in the International Geneva Motor Show (pav. 5 stand 5041), presents the world preview of Chicane, a model inspired by the Maserati trademark, the quintessential symbol of formal purity set alongside extremely high performance. Inspired by the historical Trident label, that combines refinement, craftsmanship and state of the art technological development, in the fostering of a longstanding tradition of excellence for its luxury, prestige and elegance, the concept car (produced as a full scale physical model) has been designed by the students of the V edition of the Master RSP in Transportation Design – work experience a. y. 2006 – 2007.

Chicane will not be the only important player at the IED stand, a second project has in fact been selected among the initial individual proposals, developed by 17 students of the Master course, led by the coordinators, Luca Borgogno, Pininfarina Designer and David Wilkie, Design Director of the Bertone Style, with the support of Andrea Militello, Chief Designer of IED Automotive. Still inspired by Maserati, the everyday car, Sfida (created as virtual model and visible at the Salon in a dedicated video) was first born out of a different application of the same research, which, placing the accent on the aesthetics of the shapes, a second theme is developed and an individual type of client. Sfida  is a 2+ 1 shooting break, a 2 door sports station wagon, with a distinctive rear trunk volume and a special back door opening system that makes it easier to load bulky sports equipment. Dynamic and versatile, it combines character and functionality, specially designed to suit young drivers who favour power and strong personality, without sacrificing comfort and versatility.

Various work stages have led to the selection of both models: beginning with seventeen individual designs, eight were first selected to be produced as 1:4 scale models, on which the designers then worked in twos or groups of three. Finally a technique committee that included Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Vice President Style Fiat Group Automobiles and Maserati, Alessandro Dambrosio, Chief Designer, César Mendoza, Director of the Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin, Giuliano Molineri, President of Frimark, together with the coordinators of the Master course, supervised the selection of the final models, providing new useful suggestions for the final development of the projects.

Chicane was conceived by: Dmytro Zyubyairov (Ucraina), Oscar Palladino (Italia), Vadim Artemiev (Russia), Roberta Baggio Worm (Brasile), Gaurav Bhatia (India), Alex Chatham (USA), Aashish Chaudhary (India), Gerard Fernandez Currell (Spagna), Ron Desnoyers (Canada), Gregorio Di Pinto (Italia), Mikael Ifianto (Indonesia), Carlos Luzon Gracia (Spagna), Irma Elena Naya Ramirez (Venezuela), Emrah Onemli (Turchia), Oscar Palladino (Italia), Raffaele Ponsiani (Italia), David Rodrigues (Portogallo), Antonio Tamburrino (Italia) e Dmytro Zyubyairov (Ucraina), students of the Master of Transportation Design IED Turin, a.y. 2006/2007.
Other contributions to the project: Laurent Raphael (Swiss) and Mihaï Panaîtescu (Rumania), students attending the III year of the Three Year post-high school Transportation Design – car design course (a.y. 2007-2008).

Special partner: Cecomp
Technical partner: Pirelli, Model Resine e OZ Racing

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