Master in Transportation Design – a.y. 2007/08

DR Action. A new supercar in 2010

DR Spirit, DR Soul and DR Action, three ideas, three concepts that will give birth to a DR supercar



These 3 model 1:4 were shown at DR Dream Concept Gallery, fit out inside the DR stand (1033), during the 79th edition of the International Motor Show of Geneva.  

The projects take origin from the collaboration between DR and the Istituto Europeo di Design di Torino which allowed 13 young car designers of the Master of Arts in Transportation Design – Work Experience (2008/2009) to develop their own creativity. Through intermediate steps and starting from a research on brand, history, competitors and market of reference, the students developed thirteen concepts, among which they selected six projects, made concrete through clay models.

Among these proposals, they selected three final projects which will be introduced at the DR stand: the models to scale 1:4 will be judged by the international press at the 79th International Motor Show. One of these will become the prototype 1:1 destined to be transformed in the first DR supercar.

During the models realization, the students had large freedom on the bodywork development, characterised by an Italian style, at the same time aggressive and elegant, thanks to a precise research of colors and materials.

This project takes origin from the DR DNA, that is in the competition. A past as a pilot of its founder president, the participation as a stable (DR Sportequipe) in different editions of Ferrari Challenge and GT Italia, end up with the supercar manufacture.


Project name: DR Action

Realised by: Stefano CORNETTO / Taekun CHOI

The DR Action is a car with unusual shapes because of its negative surfaces, but it is linked to an Italian style at the same time. The use of geometrical shapes gave birth to more voluminous car in the front, proposing again the brand characteristics underlined even more by two aggressive openings, aimed to carry air to the radiators. From here, two ribs branch out which, starting from the front spoilers, go all along the bonnet with a succession of positive and negative surfaces. The unusual and original element of DR Action is the use of plexiglas panels: starting from the idea of a very high performance car, the panels were supplemented by the vehicle line guaranteeing higher stability at high speeds besides a valid esthetical function. On the back side of the car, two fins, stylistically linked to the rear wheel carriers and all the lower band of the side, supplement the air vents of the radiators.


Project name: DR Soul

Realised by: Jorge Andres PINILLA FONSECA / Jorge Eduardo MANZANO MELENDEZ

The concepts of DR Soul is characterised by superimposition of surfaces that, thanks to their not conventional arrangement, are useful for all the dynamic functions of the car. This car is characterised by canonical elements unusually proposed: the style is inspired by nature and in this case the lines are shaped like an hawk wings in swoop position. Its dynamical line, joined to a strong sense of elegance, allows the DR Soul to be an example of availability. Its style with a strong aesthetical effect was conceived to improve the dynamical functions of the car.


Project name: DR Spirit

Realised by: Pablo Agustin PEREZ / Siddhart DURBHAKULA

The style proposal for DR Spirit was created by the car division: the central part is dominated by two “bodywork covers” in carbon fibre which perform an important aerodynamical function besides a stylistic function, carrying the air to the proper intake. The central part of the car is linked to the aerodynamical covers. Between these two elements, some slits and passages were arranged in order to carry the air to the radiators and the engine space. The covers make a dynamical and aggressive car with a composite aspect and at the same time simple and elegant. Besides the road version, rich of chromatic gaps, there is a competition version.

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