IED Turin enlarge the Transportation Design Master with a New Major!

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The car industry is changing, the streets are crowded and driving is not always a pleasure. The technological development is trying to transform the how cars are used and lived, introducing autonomous drive. In this way the boring and stressfull part of driving will be managed by the computer in your car, what to do then inside?

That’s the challenge, that’s what car companies are facing and trying to solve, and that’s the professional figure most requested in the field right now.

IED Turin tries to fill this training gap by introducing a new MAJOR IN THE TRANSPORTATION DESIGN AREA. Along with the long established master in Exterior Design IED Turin now has the major in CAR INTERIOR DESING AND USER EXPERIENCE!

The Master is composed by 2 years, the first one as fundation, where the subjects are distributed evenly between the interior and exteriors knowledge, while in the second year students can decide wheather to specialize in Interior or Exterior. Rejoining at the end of the second year to carry on together the last part of the two thesis.

Here’s a glimpse of what interiors mean:



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